How to separate audio from video


Often we need to separate the sound of a particular song from the video to share it via a specific application, or upload it to a video of us, or listen to it in the form of an mp3 clip, and this makes us look for an effective, correct way to separate the audio from the video, whatever the length of the music clip . In this article, I will present to you two ways in which you can separate the audio from the video in any extension you wish, in clear and easy steps with the best website

First :you go to this site then you will see page like this

Second:  you will but you youtube link in the empty blanks that say Youtube Linke Or Video ID then you will see page like

Third : you must click on Start Download that will thak you to this p


Then you will need to scroll down to see this :


Here you can sperat the video and the audio you have many formats to chose

To download to need to click on Direct if it not work probley click on Proxy

Visit the site :