download and extract sound extracting software

 If you do not want to download and extract sound extracting software, or your Smartphone or computer is relatively weak to perform this process, do not worry, because a site will do the job for you. As one of the best audio separation sites from video, this site is a very excellent option for beginners, there is no need to have prior experience in audio editing to work on this program, with its clean and tidy interface you can accomplish all the steps independently.

All you have to do to complete the work on this program, is to upload the video file that you want to extract the audio from either from your computer, or from your Smartphone, or from Google Drive, then choose the audio format you want, then download the audio file again From the site, after he extracted the audio file for you from the video.
The site of video download help to download audio or separate audio and video so easily can use them
The site is simple and easy site when you go to the sit you put your video link and click and download then you will see chooses
You will choose audio and click on direct to download
The site give you second way to download video if the direct way do not work so if she do not work then you need to on proxy so you can download your files easily with fastest servers
The site :