view video without an internet connection

 Users need to permanently download videos from YouTube to view them without an internet connection, while the company is trying to block the means that allow users to download these videos out of the application.

Google prohibits downloading YouTube clips for one reason, which is advertisements so that when the video is uploaded to the outside of the application it does not display ads, which constitutes a loss for the company for a long time an option to download the clips inside the application, so that it can be viewed without an Internet connection through the application itself.
YouTube prohibits the mentioned feature on Android and iOS operating systems in some countries only, as well as Youtube Red subscribers, and now Google has expanded the feature to 125 countries around the world. The feature is only available on mobile devices, and allows you to download various videos and watch them without an Internet connection for up to 48 hours, and you can view the full list of countries where the feature is now available from.
Google imposes restrictions on the use of the feature, as videos can only be downloaded using iOS and Android applications through the new download button, not on computers. The videos will be available for viewing for 48 hours only, unless you are connected to the Internet during that period, and some videos are not completely available for offline playback.
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